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Digital Marketing

You’ll have all the bases covered.  From a simple social media campaign to a whole corporate re brand we have the people to handle the full spectrum of online services.

Like to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

It all starts with your website.  This is your digital anchor.  Everything else you do online ultimately leads back to your website.  We are here to ensure you whole online message is optimised for driving traffic and sales.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, We’ve Got Your Back.

Social Media Management

Every successful campaign starts with considered research, planning and a healthy dose of strategic thinking. Is your business looking to drive more qualified leads into revenue?

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A Dublin based team of Digital Marketers and Sales enthusiasts who geek out on creating marketing that matters (and makes money).

With a data first approach, we’re constantly looking to utilise technology for real and human engagement with your business. Whether it’s a content management, an advertising campaign or supporting existing customers to becoming excitable advocates, there’s a tech forward solution waiting to be validated and released.

We use the inbound marketing and sales framework to separate the stages of the funnel. Together push boundaries and work hard to achieve the revenue growth and development of Irish businesses.

Website Development

Not looking for another “online brochure” for your business? Find out how your website can become a significant tool for attracting and converting new business. Learn how an Irish team of Designers, Developers and Marketers will get it done for you.

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Based on your objectives, we map out the key messages you need to communicate, and identify the media channels that will work best – whether it’s digital, print or a social media.

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What sets us apart from other writers? It’s really down to our strategic approach.

Rather than just choosing fancy words, we put a lot of work into the thinking that underpins those words. After all, there’s no point putting pen to paper if you’re not sure what you should be saying (or who you’re saying it to).

So, as well as writing copy, we develop strategic communication plans, define brand architecture, develop tone of voice, and conceive engaging content ideas. We even bring the so-called boring stuff to life by showing it a bit of love.


Audience Analytics

Understand your buyers’ decision making criteria. Make all of your marketing, sales and product decisions based on fact, not that warm fuzzy feeling.

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We will work with you to look in to your customers minds to understand what makes them tick.  From this we will develop strategies that will enhance and grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer a range of SEO services to suit our clients needs. From standard packages to custom made campaigns, we aim to give a unique level of customer care to ensure our clients want to stay working with us as a partnership

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Any successful SEO campaign needs to be thought through before any work commences and this comes in the way of effective keyword research. Between us and our clients, identifying services and products that are offered is key to how potential clients can enquire or buy through their websites.

Setting expectations and realistic targets over the short, medium and long term allows us here at Social Media Solutions and our clients to work together to achieve online success.

Our custom made SEO strategies are designed around creating a greater online presence to achieve the high rankings necessary for a successful online business.  Depending on each websites needs and ambitions we work together to tailor a custom made strategy covering all marketing angles with the main goal of dominating your industry and driving relevant traffic to your website.

Brand Design & Strategy

Excite and inspire your customers with what makes you special. Connect your purpose meaningfully with your prospects’ values, and be rewarded with enduring relationships.

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A compelling brand starts with a deep understanding of your customer. Our bespoke customer insight process is second-to-none, meaning that you will get to know your ideal audience better than yourself.

We understand that your brand is so much more than a logo or a slogan and have worked with many new and evolving b2b and b2c organisations to help them figure out what makes them unique.  What’s more, our clients work with senior consultants from the get-go. Because we understand that for a brand to be successful, you need key stakeholders on board, and a strong business case for the solution.


Team Training

Looking to up-skill or master a new tool? Our bespoke training & workshop environments help founders, management, marketers and sales folk understand and execute smarter marketing & sales.

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Learning is better retained when it is put into use. Our training is about more than theory – it is based on methods that involve people and bring knowledge into operation. This philosophy goes for both the classroom and for practical training.

The true value of training is demonstrated in the real working environment. We make sure that our training is as close and relevant to your working environment as possible. The experience of our trainers, our flexibility and dialogue with our clients are important tools.

Respecting our clients’ training investment means providing the training that meets their needs. No more, no less. For this reason, aligning expectations, defining exact needs and targeting training to meet those needs are important parts of the process.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective way to drive additional revenue from your customer base. In fact it has the highest ROI of any marketing channel.

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Our approach to email marketing is simple: we make your customers buy. We do this through the use of personalised product recommendations, interesting content and timely engagement.

Many questions arise with email marketing, for example:

  • How often should we send?
  • Are we ‘spamming’ customers?
  • Could our email marketing be more effective?
  • Are we maximising revenue without irritating our customers?

As a specialist email marketing agency, we use a data driven approach including thorough testing and analysis to enhance email performance and squeeze extra revenue from each campaign.

We’ve helped clients of all sizes turn email into a profitable marketing channel. Below we’ve outlined some of the email marketing services we provide. If you have any questions please get in touch, we’d love to chat.

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