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This is just our small way of saying thank you.  Please feel free to download the FREE SEO checklist below.  If you have any questions just drop us a line at social media solutions.

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Social Media

Every successful campaign starts with considered research, planning and a healthy dose of strategic thinking. Is your business looking to drive more qualified leads into revenue?


We offer a range of SEO services to suit our clients needs. From standard packages to custom made campaigns, we aim to give a unique level of customer care to ensure our clients want to stay working with us as a partnership.

Web Development

Not looking for another “online brochure” for your business? Find out how your website can become a significant tool for attracting and converting new business. Learn how an Irish team of Designers, Developers and Marketers will get it done for you.

Cyber Security

Cyber security has become vital for all businesses.  We have teamed up with Be Secure Online to offer help and advice in this complex and very important aspect of being online.


Based on your objectives, we map out the key messages you need to communicate, and identify the media channels that will work best – whether it’s digital, print or a social media.

Team Training

Looking to up-skill or master a new tool? Our bespoke training & workshop environments help founders, management, marketers and sales folk understand and execute smarter marketing & sales.

Audience Analytics

Understand your buyers’ decision making criteria. Make all of your marketing, sales and product decisions based on fact, not that warm fuzzy feeling.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective way to drive additional revenue from your customer base. In fact it has the highest ROI of any marketing channel.

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